stonesI have a sliding scale, from $85 to $105 per session, or $95 to $125 for couples. If financial considerations are a factor please contact me and if I cannot accomodate you I can make a referral for you to an alternate agency.

If you have an extended medical plan, or an employee assistance program at work, chances are good that at least some of the cost is covered. The bottom line, remember, is your health, and people who have employed counsellors find that when the match is good, there is significant improvement in self-awareness, quality of relationships and overall quality of life.

Some people come every week for an extended period; others find every two weeks works best. Many people have an initial period of intensive work and then come back as they feel the need, to discuss changes or revisit their personal and occupational goals.

I believe in the concept of “counsellor for life” which means that the client/counsellor relationship remains intact and the client can return at any time, even years later.