Counseling Services

If you are here, chances are you or someone you care about could benefit from counselling. No one can plan for crisis situations, and unwelcome transitions come into every life. The pain of chronic problems (dependencies of one kind or another, health issues, family or relationship issues) may become overwheming. Loved ones may leave, or die.

Communication may break down even when love is still present. Families may be in turmoil as children strive for independence. Job stress may be causing trouble. Conflict, depression, fear, anxiety, anger: these begin as natural reactions to life’s stresses, but in time can become habits and may take over as “the problem”.

Even for those who have close, supportive friends and family, there are times when a person may feel a need to talk openly about difficult personal issues. Transition is not just crisis, it is opportunity for self-discovery, renewal and growth. With self-awareness comes the chance to set new goals in order for life to run more smoothly and for relationships to gain quality.

Often a person will feel most comfortable talking with someone who is not emotionally or socially involved in their lives. That is where professional counselling comes in.

Who are my clients? I see people of all ages and genders, with a variety of issues. The connection between client and counsellor is by far the most important factor in finding hope and moving forward. If we connect, we can do some work together, if not I will do my best to refer you to someone more suitable.